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Strathberry Internship Opportunity
Strathberry Internship Opportunity

We are proud that here at SoSS we have fostered strong relationships with businesses and therefore can offer our students several fantastic internship opportunities during their Master’s programmes. An internship offers you, our students, the real experience that the teaching environment can never replicate, this fact alone makes the internship experience invaluable.

Currently, we have several companies working with us to offer internships to our students; many of these are globally located meaning their internship placements could be located across several locations or countries (even continents!) providing you with a global business & cultural perspective to your internship experience. An internship feeds into your course – for example, both the Array Marketing and Baxters Food Group internships are directly linked with your MSc dissertation project. Whichever way you look at it, being successfully recruited onto an internship will enhance your career prospects and business acumen in a way that your MSc programme couldn’t do alone. This is why we are so proud to be able to offer so many of these exciting opportunities to you our students!

The Department of Business Management have been working with Baxters Food Group to create opportunities for our students over the last few years. Baxters Food Group is a global brand well known for their Scottish heritage fare – soup, chutney and jams. In 2016/17 they offered the first company internship to one SoSS student. In 2017/18 we were delighted that they successfully interviewed and recruited three SoSS students as interns. This year’s internships were so successful that one of the candidate students received a permanent role with Baxters and will be soon based in their USA offices! – we will be interviewing that individual as soon as we can for the blog to hear from her what life is like transitioning from an intern to a permanent member of staff! Watch this space…

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Baxters have just announced that for the forthcoming year they wish to recruit no less than four of our Business Management Students (2018/19 Cohort) to join them! Each year Baxters review their core areas of business to ensure that a Heriot-Watt student can influence, review and improve their business through the internship process. If you are a student joining us this year (2018/19 entry) check the list of applicable programmes and apply for this internship now! For more information see the School website post:

Baxters 2018/19 Internship Opportunity for new students

We have also been working with Strathberry; a high-end fashion brand from Edinburgh who design leather products such as handbags and purses, and have been lucky enough to have their product coveted by Meghan Markel amongst other top celebrity names! They are looking to Heriot-Watt to provide them with a suitable intern candidate to work on specific marketing projects. This is a great opportunity for one of our current students to work in fashion marketing based here in Scotland. If you are a student on our Marketing Masters (International Fashion marketing or International Business Management with Marketing, or Digital marketing) check out the full detail of this incredible internship on the SoSS section of the student portal.

Baxters Food Group Head Office Edinburgh, with 2018s Interns from Heriot-Watt
Baxters Food Group announce new Internship for 2018/19

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